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Shopping is fun and exhilarating and more so when you can shop 24*7 without leaving the comfort of home. This in simpler words is what we call Buy and Delight Online shopping which is convenient and affordable. This is member exclusive website only and they are entitled to redeem some portion of their coupons here as well with discount on products up to 5 lac!

Buy and Delight is a unique online auction platform that allows you to purchase branded products and gives you a chance to WIN products at nominal prices. It's a kind of fun bargain deals and online Shopping. Buy and Delight has a plethora of brands and products ranging from home appliances, jewellery, electronics, automobiles, etc that can be won at a price that can't be matched at any other platform.

We envision our company as your trusted brand to create the modern townships. Shine City is meant to develop lands all over the world that make use of the latest and most comfortable options available. That includes handling regular delivery of products, and managing service

Starting with the real estate industry, we research and apply the newest technologies, focused on eco-friendly applications. Then, we are engagedin making life simpler. To achieve so, we are committed to bringing our customers a single platform to get products and services.